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  • 4/20 Weddings Have Arrived!
    Published : 05/16/2016 16:35:14

    When I first heard news of Justice and Corey’s 4/20 wedding, I knew I wanted to be part of one of the first cannabis theme weddings. I quickly contacted the couple, expressing my desire to...

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  • 4/20 Women's Swimwear
    Published : 04/20/2016 15:49:13

    Two years ago today, Cannaflage Designs was born. We are amazed at how much has happened since then. On our birthday, we’d like to take the time to thank the cannabis community, as well as [...]

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  • Giving Thanks
    Published : 12/03/2015 15:23:57

    Giving Thanks... This is my first blog and I was thinking ... What should I write about? I decided a blog should be written in way that others get to know me. The girl behind the "girls" so to [...]

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