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  • Dope Magazine issue (p. 65)

Hempfest Fashion Fusion

DOPE Magazine

Cultural worlds collide and mingle at Hempfest, with crowds representing decade’s worth of devotees. Twenty-somethings in handmade tie-dyed ensembles shout “Free the Plant,” beside seniors from the sixties seemingly still clinging to the Grateful Dead with messages of peace and love; next to teens sporting the scientific symbols for THC and CBD, screaming, “No more lies!”


Dope Magazine September Issue

  • Northwest Leaf Magazine (page 13)

October 2014 — Issue #52

Happy Halloween! We have lots of great stories in the October issue. Check out Bonnie Fong's epic tale of getting pot in Barcelona, our tasty new recipes, sweet product reviews and how using portable AC units is a mistake in your garden. PLUS: Hempstalk, Boro Derby and High Times coverage in our rehashed!

  • THC ad – February 2015 issue

The Hemp Connoisseur, February 2015 - Issue #26

Pregnancy and Cannabis, Hemp: The Anti-Antibiotic, Hemp History, Dave Ross and much more.

  • THC Fair – Featured speaker

We're celebrating the legalization of marijuana in Oregon, and you should be too! Whether it's for medical or recreational use, THC Fair is the place to be! Learn from experts in marijuana horticulture, browse vendor booths for a new accessory, munchies and grow equipment or just hang out and see what's new!


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For one month leading up to national holidays honoring our veterans, 10% of our profits are earmarked for organizations that help others grow in confidence.  Join us on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veteran’s Day and help us nurture our favorite buds Adaptive Excursions.  This is the best time to shop .... not only will you find unique gifts for those in your life but also the warm feeling of gifting to those who fought for our rights.



Paul Callaway - October 30, 2015


Karen Wisely Reed - October 30, 2015

love the whole package

Tina Sterrett - October 30, 2015

Pretty ♡

Courtney Anne Braswell - October 30, 2015

Wow! Very impressive....

Cora Nelson - October 31, 2015

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